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Alesis IO Dock 2 Professional Recording Interface for iPad

The highly popular iPad interface, updated for both Lightning and 30-pin iPads.

Alesis MicLink - XLR to USB Cable

Links your microphone straight into your computer!

Alesis PhonoLink Stereo RCA-to-USB-Cable

Record your turntable, tape deck, or mixer in stereo to your computer with this handy plug system.

Alesis SR-16 Drum Machine

Classic, legendary and similar high forms of praise adorn the Alesis SR16. Find out why…

Alesis SR-18 Portable Drum Machine with Effects

The classic Alesis drum machine souped up with effects and more.
Save $60
Alesis SamplePad Multi-Pad Sample Instrument

Alesis SamplePad Multi-Pad Sample Instrument

Customise your drum or percussion setup by adding your own unique sounds.
$249.00 $189