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Allen & Heath

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Allen & Heath Qu-24 Digital Mixing Console (QU24)

24 channels and a whole mixing experience - check it out...

Allen & Heath Qu-32 Digital Mixing Console (QU32)

32 channel mixing desk with a whole world of features...check it out.

Allen & Heath Qu-Pac Ultra Compact Digital Mixer (QUPAC)

You can't see it outside, but all the fruit is still inside: PACDigital rackmount 32M/3S in, 6 subgroups, fully featured.

Allen & Heath Qu-SBi Portable Digital Mixer with Apple Airport Express WIFI Router (QUSBI)

Mix from all over the venue - 18in, 14 out portable/rack mountable mixer.

Allen & Heath Zed-10 Mixing Desk

Got a small band that needs sound mixing? Try the Zed 10.

Allen & Heath Zed-10FX Mixing Desk

Need the perfect small band mixer with some awesome effects? Check out the Zed 10FX at Mega Music.

Allen & Heath ZED10-RK19 Rackmount Kit

A superb way of mounting your Zed10 or Zed 10FX mixer.

Allen & Heath Zed-12FX Mixing Desk

A light mixer that does a lot - great for bands: the Allen & Heath Zed 12 FX.

Allen & Heath Zed-14 Mixing Desk

ZED-14 is a fantastic entry-level mixer for small bands, solo performers or AV applications. Its comprehensive feature set, compact size and fine lines combine to make it one of the best small mixers around.

Allen & Heath ZED14-RK19 Rackmount Kit

Perfect rackmount solution for your Zed14 and Zed12FX mixing desks.

Allen & Heath Zed-16FX Mixing Desk (USB Mixer w Effects)

The Zed 16FX gives musicians, venues and hire companies access to 10 full mono channels, 3 stereo channels and a high quality FX unit in a compact, rack mountable format. Configurable USB audio in/out makes it easy to capture stereo recordings.

Allen & Heath Zed-18 Mixing Desk

ZED-18 has an incredibly advanced feature-set for a mixer at this level – it gives musicians, venues and hire companies access to 10 full mono channels and 4 stereo channels in a compact, rack mountable format.

Allen & Heath ZED18-RK19 Rackmount Kit

Purpose built rackmount for Zed 18 or Zed 16FX mixing desks.

Allen & Heath Zed-22FX Mixing Desk

The ZED-22FX easily accommodates vocals, drums, guitar, bass and keys whilst also providing a dedicated FX bus and 16 internal time-delay effects – giving the whole mix extra ambience.

Allen & Heath Zed-24 Mixing Desk

ZED-24 is so packed full of great features that you’d think it would cost much, much more!

Allen & Heath Zed-420 Mixing Desk

The ZED-420 is excellent for bands, houses of worship, theatres or AV applications. It has a truly professional feature set, which will fit any sound reinforcement application and professional PA system.

Allen & Heath Zed-6 Compact 6-Input Analogue Mixer

ZED-6 has been created for musicians, singer / songwriters and venues seeking Allen & Heath’s renowned build and audio quality in a compact, portable format.
$199.00 $159

Allen & Heath Zed60-10FX Mixing Desk

The new ZED60-10FX adds premium quality 60mm faders for that intuitive, tactile mixing experience.

Allen & Heath ZED60-10FX-RK19 Rackmount Kit

Perfect to rackmount your ZED60-10FX mixer.

Allen & Heath Zed60-14FX Mixing Desk

ZED60-14FX has an essential selection of 16 time-delay effects, designed for small groups who don’t want to carry around an effects unit with their gear but who still want great quality FX at their gigs and on their recordings.

Allen & Heath ZED60-14FX-RK19 Rackmount Kit

Perfect rackmount system for your ZED60-14FX mixer.

Allen & Heath Zed-6FX Compact 6-Input Analogue Mixer with Effects

ZED-6FX delivers Allen & Heath’s renowned build and audio excellence in a compact, portable format, making it the ideal choice for quality conscious musicians, singer / songwriters and venues.
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