Alpine Hearing Protection

Alpine Hearing Protection makes world-class earplugs that are designed with music and musicians in mind.

Check out the Music Safe Pro - a musician's earplug that offers three choices of hearing protection. These earplugs lower the volume but retain sound quality.

Or the lightweight MusicSafe Earmuffs, for the drummer who practices long and hard.

Or the PartyPlug, for when you like your music, and club conversations, but can do without the hearing damage and ringing the next day.

Mega Music stock and supply a full range of Alpine Hearing Protection products - come into one of our stores, or add one to your cart here!

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Alpine Hearing Protection MusicSafe Pro Earplugs (Silver)

MusicSafe Pro Earplugs will cut out the volume and protect your ears BUT retain the nice frequencies you need to hear, and you have three filters to choose from to tailor your hearing protection to your situation.