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Amp Heads for Electric Guitar

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Boss Katana-Head Guitar Amplifier Head

Be inspired by this awesome rock guitar amp head, born and bred from Waza DNA.

Line 6 Spider V 240HC 240W Guitar Amplifier Head (SPIDERV240HCR)

200+ amps and effect on board with amazing power and volume.

Marshall 1959SLP Plexi Guitar Amp Head - 100 Watts

The definitive Marshall rock guitar amplifier head.

Marshall JCM800 2203 Guitar Amp Head - 100 Watts

The highly cherished JCM800 Marshall amplifier.

Marshall JVM410H Guitar Amp Head - 100 Watts

The versatile high gain tube amplifier from Marshall. Four independent channels.

Orange AD30HTC Guitar Amp Head (Black)- 30 Watts

Giving the best of 2 British style, EL84 powered amps in one, the Orange AD30 Valve head recaptures the warmth and sound that defined an era.
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Orange Dark Terror Guitar Amp Head - 15 Watts

A high gain master of saturated distorition in a portable package, the Dark Terror offers aggressive drive as well as some tasty blues and clean tones
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Orange Dual Dark 100 Guitar Amp Head - 100 Watts

The Dual Dark 100 is one of Orange's highest gain amps offering 4 stages of gain on 2 channels.
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Orange Dual Terror Guitar Amp Head - 30 Watts

Two channel terror of an amp.
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Orange Micro Terror Mini Guitar Amp Head

The Orange micro Terror offers a big sound in a tiny package. A valve preamp, metal casing and Orange quality make this the ideal amp for a tight space or tight budget.
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Orange Rockerverb 50 MkIII Guitar Amp Head - 50 Watts

The Rockerverb is the original Orange high gain amp. The MKIII combines over a decade or user feedback cementing it as the work horse amp that is master of all trades.
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Orange TH30 Guitar Amp Head - 30 Watts

Six dials deliver an amazing range of tone from jangly cleans to high gain filth. Discover the lamost limitless possibilities of the Orange TH30 valve guitar head
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