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Animals Pedal MJO2 Major Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Manufacturer: Animals Pedals
Animals Pedal Major Overdrive is an overdrive that creates the sound of an amp that produced the legendary rock tone.
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The new Major Overdrive makes it easier to replace the battery than before, while placing a foot switch in front of it to improve playability.
In addition, the beautiful pedal design unique to Animals Pedal can now be placed even more beautifully.

There are no major differences in sound or functionality, but the overall range of timbres has been expanded and tweaked to create the best sound with more amps and guitars.

British-made amps made in the 1960s and 70s later became legendary amps that everyone wanted to get.
The sound of that amp, later called Plexi, is available at Animals Pedal Major Overdrive.

Speaking of plexi, there may be an image of distortion sound. Certainly, if you want to make a rock sound quickly, you can create an atmosphere with distortion.

However, a real plexi amp doesn't really distort as much as distortion. It wasn't until the end of the Plexi era that British stacks were able to create strong distortions.

Major Overdrive is an overdrive that can create distortion from a slightly dirty clean tone of a plexi amp to a crunch and a little over the "full ten" gain. In other words, not only the tone of the 70s plexi amp, but also the earliest "brown sound", which is said to have obtained distortion exceeding full ten by lowering the voltage further.

Hard rock sounds in the early '70s seem to create a lot of distortion, but the gain isn't that high. A fast-paced phrase using bass strings gains momentum because the sound comes forward.

The tone of a real plexi amp is surprisingly low, but when combined with a band, it stands out and sounds distorted. With Major Overdrive, you can easily reproduce that "magic" by moving the GAIN knob near the center.

If you raise GAIN further, it will change to the tone of the late 70's. Major Overdrive covers everything from "brown sound", which uses a lot of light hand playing and changed the guitar play later, to neo-classical lead, which uses a lot of legato.

The Major Overdrive is exactly what a real vintage British valve amp is all about. The more you use it, the deeper your knowledge of realistic amps will be.


  • VOL: Adjusts the volume.
  • TONE: Adjusts the tone centering on the high frequency component.
  • GAIN: Adjusts the strength of distortion.

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