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Animals Pedal RRF2 Rust Rod Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal

Manufacturer: Animals Pedals
Rust Rod Fuzz is a pedal that reconstructs the "rams head" circuit, which is known as a masterpiece among vintage fuzz pedals.
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Huge and powerful tone, tightly squeezed midrange. The sharp, aggressive distortion sound that combines the thick fuzz sound of the mid-'70s with the distinctive viscous response is especially great for playing with heavy riffs and chords.

Thick, endless sustain and moderate stickiness. The adjustment range of the knob is adjusted so that the best tone can be created no matter where it is set, and the sweet point of the vintage fuzz can be taken out stably at any time.

In particular, the Tone knob is adjusted so that you can quickly create the best tone by setting it near the center. Players only need to make fine adjustments to suit their equipment and preferences.

Rust Rod Fuzz is a fuzz pedal with a smooth, old-school appeal, rather than a hot, modern sound. This is a sound unique to Skreddy Pedals who knows all about vintage tones.


  • VOLUME: Adjusts the volume.
  • TONE: Controls the tone, focusing on the high frequency components.
  • SUSTAIN: Adjusts the strength of fuzz distortion and the length of sustain.
  • The Rust Rod Fuzz uses a true bypass footswitch and is powered by a 9V battery or a standard center minus DC 9V adapter.

    * When using the battery, when storing the effector, unplug it from the input jack to reduce battery consumption. Also, remove the batteries before storing the product if it will not be used for a long period of time.

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