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Animals Pedal TRC Tioga Road Cycling Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal

Manufacturer: Animals Pedals
"Distortion" is indispensable for rock guitar sounds. With the passage of time, various distortions have been born.
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A distortion pedal that has been loved since the first model was made in the late 70's. Especially since the mid-1980s, it has been active at the feet of many players, which can be said to be "essential" for guitarists.

Animals Pedal Tioga Road Cycling Distortion revives the distortion that embodies the classic distortion as the tone of the present era.

Created by Wren and Cuff, a world-renowned effector brand that reproduces a number of classic effects, the tone of this pedal is called the "I" made in the mid-1980s. The sound of the early model is at the center of it.

The Tioga Road Cycling Distortion is more than just an old-fashioned pedal. With the texture of distortion, especially the trembling power of the core near the low mids, the rich overtone components and the overall increased resolution, it is not just a classic distortion, but a sound that is required in this era. It is finished in a pedal that can be used.

Furthermore, the texture of distortion can be switched by switching the toggle switch according to various needs.

Sometimes you make a "crunch tone" like an overdrive, and if you distort it strongly, a thick tone like a fuzz will come out. Despite its wide range of expressiveness, at the heart of it is always the classic distortion sound, the thick, thick, nostalgic tone that has created numerous rock sounds.


  • Volume: Adjusts the volume.
  • Tone: Controls the tone, focusing on the high frequency components. Clockwise makes the highs stronger, and counterclockwise emphasizes the lows.
  • Dist: Adjusts the strength of distortion.
  • Toggle switch: Switches the texture and volume of distortion.
    • Up position: Symmetric clipping
    • Center position: Clipping bypass
    • Down position: Asymmetric clipping The
  • Current consumption: 1mA
  • Input impedance: 500k
  • Output impedance: 10k

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