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Animals Pedal WFD2 I Was A Wolf In The Forest Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal

Manufacturer: Animals Pedals
I Was A Wolf In The Forest Distortion is a classic distortion pedal for all rock guitarists.
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A big black amp that has a big presence on the stage. You can create the thick, warm and edgy distortion sound of a British stack amp with independent amp head and cabinet.

The new I Was A Wolf In The Forest Distortion makes battery replacement easier than before, while the foot switch is placed closer to the front to improve playability.

In addition, the beautiful pedal design unique to Animals Pedal can now be placed even more beautifully.
There are no major differences in sound or functionality, but the overall range of timbres has been expanded and tweaked to create the best sound with more amps and guitars.

Many distortion pedals can always get a lot of distortion once turned on, but I Was A Wolf In The Forest Distortion has a low DRIVE knob that gives it a light crunch and crisp distortion. You can create a variety of distortions, from creamy overdrive tones to crunchy classic distortion.

You can also use the Volume knob on the guitar to adjust the strength of the distortion, giving you the power, operability, and tone of a real tube stack amp.

Equipped with a VOL control that adjusts the overall volume, a DRIVE control that adjusts the intensity of distortion, and a TONE control that controls the brightness of the sound, especially in the high frequencies.

The foot switch is true bypass. It is powered by a 9V battery or a standard center minus DC 9V adapter.

Designed by Australian surf art painter Jonas Cleasson.
I was howling all the time when I was hiking with my dog. The blood of the ancestor wolf may have made a noise.

When I get home, I will return to my usual dog. I put it into the design while thinking of such a scene.


  • VOL: Adjusts the volume.
  • TONE: Adjusts the tone centering on the high frequency component.
  • DRIVE: Adjusts the strength of distortion.
  • Current consumption: 6mA
  • Input impedance: 500k ohm
  • Output impedance: 10k ohm

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