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Don't Buy Fake Strings!

Don't Buy Fake Strings!

Be sure you are buying authentic “Made in USA, D’Addario Strings.”

Recently, there has been a rash of counterfeit D’Addario products being sold throughout the world. Unscrupulous merchants have
copied the D'addario packaging and product designs carefully and are illegally and unethically trading on D’Addario’s 300+ year heritage for making the world’s finest strings and accessories.

You can assure yourself that you are buying a genuine D’Addario product by carefully inspecting the packaging and the strings. Here are some tell-tale signs that the strings you are buying may not be authentic, Made in USA, D’Addario strings:

Read on to learn more about how to identify counterfeit strings and what you can do to ensure that you are always purchasing
the original, ”Made in the USA, D’Addario strings.”

Packaging Quality:
Unclear typesetting, soft and inferior paper quality, poor print quality, scuffed or scratched packages, blurry photographs and images, and strings with a clear vinyl outer package are all signs of counterfeit material.


Corrosion Inhibitor Bag
Every D’Addario inner bag includes a printed quality code. Counterfeit packages often do not have this code or the printing quality is poor.


String Quality:
While some traits of a great string are hard to visually identify, there are some very strong, simple indicators that your strings may not be the original. Inspect the ball ends and twisted areas of the wound strings and plain steel.

Plain Steel Strings:
Plain Steel Strings should have a set of even twists adjacent to the ball end and then 2 or 3 tight lock twists after the even twists. The overall twisted area on a D’Addario string is shorter than on a counterfeit string.

Plain Steel

Wound Strings:
Inspect the ball end area of each string. The overall twisted area on a D’Addario string is shorter than on a counterfeit string.

Wound String



There should be no excess wrap wire protruding from the string.

The ball ends should be properly machined with no metal burrs or sharp edges. The ball end is cylindrical and should have nice chamfered (angled) edges on the hole and the outer edges.

Acoustic Steel Strings:
All D’Addario acoustic steel string sets utilise a micro-grain, hexagonally-shaped, high-carbon steel alloy that is plated with 80-20 bronze.
The micro-plating is only one micron thick ensuring that the edges of the hexagonally-shaped wire remain sharp and are able to bite into the bronze wrap wire as it is wound around the string. D’Addario’s bronze string specifications have been mimicked worldwide but never equaled.

Look at the extra core wire protruding from the end of an acoustic string. If it is not a yellow bronze colour, it is not an authentic D’Addario string.


String Feel:
If you run a string through your thumb and forefinger, it should be smooth, supple and consistent in feel. Inferior strings may feel rough and sticky. Too much wrap wire tension can make a string feel stiff and lack flexibility.

String Feel

Wrap Wire Color & Consistency:
D’Addario uses only the finest raw materials and has rigorous inspection procedures at their vendors and their own plant to ensure that all materials used meet their specifications.


If the wrap wire is dark, dirty or inconsistent in colour, there is a good chance you were sold a counterfeit product.

Wrap Wire

String Length:
All D’Addario guitar strings have windings a full 39" (1 meter) long. Many counterfeits are shorter to save materials and cost. Measure your strings before installing them.

Ball Ends

In some countries, retailers will actually ask you if you want authentic strings or copies. Always shop at a trustworthy retailer who only stocks the original, ”Made in USA, D’Addario strings.”

Mega Music sells only genuine D'addario strings. Please contact us if you have any questions about strings or guitar restringing.

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