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Audiofly AF1120 MK2 Universal In-Ear Monitor - Clear

Nothing short of perfection. With six finely-tuned balanced armature drivers arranged in a dual low, mid and high configuration in a unique hybrid 3-way electronic/acoustic crossover, the neutral-focused AF1120 is for audio professionals who thrive on impeccable accuracy and astounding clarity.
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Audiofly AF120 MK2 Universal In-Ear Monitor - Silver 1

Featuring a duet of technologies, the hybrid- driver AF120 uses a dynamic driver for its warm bass and a balanced armature driver for clear, accurate sound.
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Audiofly AF140 MK2 Universal In-Ear Monitor - Gunmetal

For artists who are all about that bass. The triple hybrid-driver AF140 features one dynamic bass driver and two balanced armature drivers to deliver a rich, full-bodied bass with well-defined mids and highs.
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Audiofly AF160 MK2 Universal In-Ear Monitor - Grey

The AF160 features three high-resolution balanced armature drivers to provide clarity and detail across all frequencies, with a gentle roll-off of the bass allowing the midrange to shine.
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Audiofly AF180 MK2 Universal In-Ear Monitor - Black

No stranger to the international stage, the detail oriented AF180 encompasses a perfect balance between bass, mids and highs. Housing four high-resolution balanced armature drivers in a precision-tuned electronic 3-way crossover, this IEM boasts a brightness that cuts through the noise with unparalleled speed.
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Audiofly AF100 MK2 Universal In-Ear Monitor - Clear

The essential to kickstart your music career. The AF100 MK2 features a dual membrane diaphragm producing thumping bass and crisp clarity from the same microdriver.
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