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The banjo has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years for its plucky tone and it's at the centre of many a great country, jazz and blue-grass tune.

From 4 to 5 string, you'll find banjos in-store with us here at Myaree or available to order online.

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Tanglewood TWBT Traveller 5-String Banjo

Drawing on the time honoured tradition of bespoke folk instrument manufacturing in the Southern states of America, Tanglewood Banjos are handcrafted in authentic, period designs. This allows players of all abilities to find their perfect model, based on both specification and price point. Union series instruments are tailored to meet the needs of the entry level to intermediate player representing features and quality far beyond most instruments amongst their industry peers.
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Tanglewood TWBU Banjo Ukulele Tobbacco Burst

After researching the Folk instrument market further we noticed that there was a need for affordable niche products to allow the budding George Formby to hit the instrument ladder and serenade their window cleaner or the next Eric Clapton to pick up a resonator and get playing. With that in mind Tanglewood designed the ukulele banjo and resonator you see below offering great specification at affordable prices.
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Remo Banjo Head 11 5/8

The Coated Bottom Banjo Head has the traditional white look with a similar sound to a coated top head but puts the coating on the underside of the head because the smooth top surface is preferred by tenor and plectrum banjoists so it is quieter when strumming.
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