Beginner Drums

The first thing to understand if you are new to drums is that there are two types:

1) Acoustic Drums

These are the real thing. You hit them and they sound wild! They will typically include a bass drum, snare drum, toms and cymbals. Beginners can buy all of these, including accesories (such as a drum stool/throne) as a package deal.

2) Electronic Drums

Very popular with youngsters, electric drums fit  in the small spaces of a bedroom and, most importantly, can be enjoyed in headphones, saving the outside world from the constant sound of drum practice.

Check out some hand-picked drums for beginners in this section.

For more info, Polly explains in the video below.

If you don't see a product you are looking for, please contact us. We stock a huge range and not all products are on our website.
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Ashton EDP450 Electronic Drum Pad

Could it be any more fun hitting things?

CB-700 Digital Drum Kit

The ultimate in electric drum-kit value, the wonderfully-affordable CB-700 Electric Drums.

Roland TD-1K V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit (TD1K)

One of the best value for quality electronic drumkits out there.

Roland TD-1KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit (TD1KV)

One of the best value for quality electronic drumkits out there.

Yamaha DTX400K Electronic Drum Kit

The Yamaha DTX400K features 10 legendary drum kits and training functions plus newly developed drum pads, large cymbals and Yamaha's new silent kick unit.

Yamaha DTX450K Electronic Drum Kit

The Yamaha DTX450K features 10 custom drum kits and training functions with a newly developed 3-zone snare pad and real bass drum pedal action.

DXP Junior Series 3-piece Drum Kit - Metallic Blue

A beautiful metallic blue drum kit to get them started

DXP Junior Series 5-piece Drum Kit - Pink

Their first real, tune-able drum kit - great for kids up to about 10 years of age.

Ashton JoeyDrums Drum Kit - Wine Red

Although it may be smaller than your average drum kit, the JoeyDrums are no toy!

Pearl Roadshow 20 inch Fusion Drum Kit in Charcoal Metallic

Everything you need to start your rhythmic journey - a 5-piece kit with cymbals, hardware, drumsticks, stick bag, 2 rudiment posters and a stool!