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Beginner Drums

The first thing to understand if you are starting out in drums is that there are two types of drum kits:

1) Acoustic Drums

These are the real thing. You hit them and they sound wild! They will typically include a bass drum, snare drum, toms and cymbals. Beginners can buy all of these, including accessories (such as a drum stool/throne) as a package deal.

2) Electronic Drums

Very popular with youngsters, electric drums fit in the small spaces of a bedroom and, most importantly, can be enjoyed in headphones, saving the outside world from the constant sound of drum practice.

Check out some hand-picked drums for beginners in this section.

For more info, Polly explains the difference between acoustic drum kits and electronic drum kits in the video below:

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Los Cabos Up North 5A Drumsticks Mega Music Logo

Yes, it's true, Mega Music has its own branded drumsticks, the Up North 5A Drumsticks from Los Cabos.
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