Beginner Guitars

The first thing to understand if you are starting out in guitar is that there are three basic types of guitar:

1) Classical Guitar

Also called nylon-string guitars, this is the type approved in most school music programs such as SIMS. They are perfect guitars for beginners and small children because the strings are soft. They also come in 3/4, 1/2 and even tiny 1/4 size, great for all ages. They are inexpensive and can also take a few bumps from the little-ies.

2) Acoustic Guitar

The most popular guitar for adults, they have steel strings which may suit slightly older kids and adults. They produce a loud, resonant sound popular in country, pop and rock music and they go great with singing along.

3) Electric Guitar

An electric guitar usually has a thinner body and is played through an amplifier. This means you can turn it up (or down). You can buy packs that include the guitar and the amplifier. They produce the rocky sounds used in rock and metal bands and would be the best choice for a person who thinks they want to be in a band and play guitar solos.

Browse this section to choose a guitar that's ideal for a beginner.

Polly explains more in the video below.

If you don't see a product you are looking for, please contact us. We stock a huge range and not all products are on our website.
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Katoh MCG20 Classical Guitar

Great student nylon string classical guitar - SIMS APPROVED
Save $40
Ashton SPD25NT D25 Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack Natural

Ashton SPD25NT D25 Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack Natural

Keep it natural and affordable with the Ashton D25 Natural Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack at Mega Music.
$199.00 $159

Ashton SPCG12TRB - 1/2 Size Classical Guitar Starter Pack - Red

There's just no easier way to begin guitar than with a 1/2 size classical Ashton at Mega Music.

Ashton SPCG14TBB - 1/4 Size Classical Guitar Starter Pack - Blue

The itsy bitsy teensy weensy guitar to get them started even younger, Mega Music brings you the Ashton SPCG14, the quarter size classical acoustic.

Ashton SPCG34BK - 3/4 Size Classical Guitar Starter Pack - Black

Get started on this great 3/4 classical guitar with Ashton and Mega Music today.

Ashton SPCG44AM Full Size Classical Guitar Starter Pack - Amber

The full-size classical guitar without the full-size price: The Ashton CG44 with extras to get started at Mega Music.

Cort Standard Series AD880C Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar with Pickup - Natural

A fantastic way to kick off playing a full acoustic guitar, with the sound of steel strings.

Katoh MCG20/3 Classical Guitar 3/4 Size

Smaller size student/junior guitar - SIMS APPROVED

Katoh MCG40C 3/4 Size Classical Guitar - Cedar/Sapele

Smaller size student/junior guitar - SIMS APPROVED

Katoh MCG40S Classical Guitar Spruce/Sapele

Affordable high quality classical guitar - good for students SIMS APPROVED

Yamaha CG122MS Classical Guitar Matte Natural

Get off to a flying start with this SIMS-approved classical guitar. The Yamaha CG122MS Classical Guitar has a solid Engelmann Spruce top and matt finish and comes with a 5 year warranty.
Save $60
Yamaha Gigmaker Electric Guitar Pack

Yamaha Gigmaker Electric Guitar Pack (Guitar and Vox Amplifier) Black

An exciting electric guitar pack from Yamaha - complete with Vox amplifier. It's everything you need to start playing the electric guitar today.
$449.00 $389