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Cioks AC Rider Link Power Supply

AC Rider link power supply is a superb solution for powering small pedal boards with a single pedal needing AC power source plus a mix of low current DC pedals and maybe a single medium current one.
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Cioks Adam Link Power Supply

Adam link is very flat and fits below Pedaltrain nano+ and all metro pedalboards, has 4 isolated outlets and can power any two Strymon pedals of its two 250mA outelets - small and affordable.
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Cioks Big John Link Power Supply

Nice power supply with 6 outlets of which two are powerful with 400mA each. Good choice for smaller rigs with two high current pedals like Eventides for big Strymons.
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Cioks DC10 Power Supply

Very popular all-rounder with versatility and plenty of power. Premuim choice with 10 outlets in 8 isolated sections for a bigger pedal board.
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Cioks DC5 Link Power Supply

DC5 link is a professional, small and very flat power supply for effect pedals with 5 isolated outlets.
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Cioks Schizo Link Power Supply

Nice power supply for medium pedal boards with 6 isolated outlets and a total of 1.000mA DC. Two outlets are configurable to 18V.
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