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Buying Overseas - Think First!

Who doesn’t love a bargain?

That amazing low price from overseas seems like a fantastic deal and, hey, don’t let us stop you getting value for money.

But as Clint Eastwood said (ask someone over 40 if you don’t know who that is) – “Ask yourself…do you feel lucky?”

Or at least ask yourself the questions below before pulling the trigger, hombre.

1)      Am I getting the genuine product?

Only a genuine Australian Authorised retailer can guarantee that you will get the genuine product. No fakes. No inferior components. Trust us, we get people in the store regularly with supposed 'trusted brand' products that aren't working. A quick investigation reveals that the items are fake. Don't let that happen to you - it's your money and you deserve the real deal.

2)      Will I get a solid warranty and the best after-sales support?

Buying a known and trusted brand is no guarantee that it carries warranty in Australia. If you bought it overseas, it’s likely that you’ll have to deal with people overseas if it isn’t working properly. That can be a whole lot trickier than simply getting on the phone to a Mega Music store here in Australia where warranty is guaranteed (on all products, unless otherwise stated) for 12 months. If you buy with us then you get the reassurance that you’ll get looked after even after you hand over those hard-earned dollars.

Buying with Mega Music is the best way to ensure that you have all the warranty and after-sales support you deserve.

3)       Is it really cheaper anyway?

Yes, that price sure beats the local dealer, doesn’t it? Oh, until you add on little things like it’s got to fly or float its way into Australia and get through Customs. That’s an extra cost of shipping from overseas you’ll need to factor in. Then there are things like Customs Duty, GST and did anyone tell you about the fact that you’ll need to fill in a Customs Import Declaration if the goods are over $1000? And that will cost you some more?

These days, we’re discovering that in many cases you’ll actually have paid as much or even more by the time the product gets to your door. That simply doesn’t make sense when you think about it.

4)      Will it work in Australia?

Not always, unfortunately. For example, power voltages vary from country to country, so you risk plugging in to an Australian socket and blowing electrical circuits. That's more than a small problem - and it's avoidable by shopping with us.

5)      Is it really the best long-term decision?

O.K. we know you’re on a budget or just like to score the lowest price. That’s natural.

But allow us to go all ‘economy-speak’ for just a sec’. When you buy local, it pays for things like the wages your friends and family earn and taxes that build roads, schools and hospitals. Overall, it will improve the wealth of the country you live in and that means a better life for you and everyone else living here. So can you have a guess at how much your community benefits from all your money going into a bank account overseas? Yep. You got it. Not at all.

Mega Music believes strongly in keeping the local economy strong – so we encourage our valued customers to give it a little thought, too.


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