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Guitar Servicing and Parts

Guitar Repairs and Servicing

Whether you play guitar, keyboard, drums or symphony, we can get your pride and joy sounding just as it should with a network of top class instrument and amplifier repairers.

Simply call Mega Music, tell us what’s wrong and we’ll help you out.

Guitar Setup and Servicing

We have passionate staff at our Mega Music stores dedicated to the servicing, repair and restoration of acoustic and electric guitars.

We are here to bring your new or old guitar to life by doing those sweet things you know need doing – and perhaps a few that you hadn’t heard much about:

  • Re-stringing
  • Neck set ups – truss rod, action, intonation
  • Electronic checks, clean-ups and repair
  • Fret-board clean-up and oiling
  • Fret-levelling, re-fretting and polish
  • Pick-up installation
  • Bridge and nut shaping, installation and repair
  • And, yes, we’ll even tune it for you!


People are often amazed at what a difference a great service makes to their guitar's sound and the way it plays, so ask us about love and tenderness for your baby - at a completely affordable price.

Contact us now to book in your instrument or find out more.

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