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DAddario XS Set of Acoustic Guitar Strings, Phosphor Bronze, Medium, 13-56

Manufacturers: D'Addario , D'Addario
D'Addario XS Set of Acoustic Guitar Strings, Phosphor Bronze, Medium, 13-56 is breathing new life into coated strings.
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D'Addario is proud to introduce XS, a true technological breakthrough in coated strings. This groundbreaking innovation offers players maximum life, an unprecedented level of strength and stability—all without sacrificing our iconic D'Addario tone.

With its ultra-thin film coating on every wound string and unique polymer treatment on the plain steels, XS offers our highest level of protection for maximum life with an uncommonly smooth feel. XS is the most innovative coated string ever created.

Setting XS apart from other strings is the new, impossibly thin film coating (1/10 the thickness of a human hair) that completely protects the wound strings from corrosion, without dampening the tone. This new film covering is combined with D'Addario's proprietary dispersion coating, used in our XT line, to protect the plain steel strings as well.


  • 10X Thinner Than A Human Hair
  • Ultra Thin Coating
  • Fusion Twist Feature
  • Ny Steel
  • Wire Drawing

Watch: Introducing D'Addario XS Strings


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