If you are searching for the ultimate in guitar (and other) processors, you'll want to explore DigiTech's range.

Your options are endless with units like the RP 360 and RP Series offering hundreds of sounds to choose from, and the GSP1101 which preserves original guitar/amp tone while adding the special stuff. DigiTech keep things very connected with PC and Mac user options and you'll love Sound Check as well, which lets you record a phrase and loop it while you get your sounds just right.

Browse with Mega Music online and DigiTech will have you at “hello” with multi-effects that have 'the look'. And a listen at a Mega Music store ain't a bad idea either.

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Digitech LiveFX Voice Effects Pedal

From subtle to off-the-chain vocal effects: Vocal Multi-Effect Processor with Live Adapt

Digitech Whammy

A digital whammy? Apparently so!

DigiTech FreqOUT Natural Feedback Creator

Get that sweet feedback sound without needing an amp or ridiculous volumes.