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Double Bass Drum Pedals

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DW Drums DWCP 3002 Double Bass Drum Pedal (DW 3002)

A top-value, double-chain kick drum pedal - double the fun.

DW 9002 Double Kick Pedal

Feel the speed, feel the power with a DW double kick pedal.

DW 5002AD4 Double Kick Pedal

Accelerator chain-drive bass pedal.

DW 9002XF Double Kick Pedal Extended Board

Get feel, speed and power all in a quality bass drum pedal from DW.

DW MDD2 Direct Drive Double Kick Pedal

Direct drive bass drum pedal experience, check it out!

Gibraltar G6 6711DB Double Kick Pedal

Double cam power and accuracy.

PDP Concept Series Double Bass Drum Pedal

Fast flagship kick drum pedal from PDP.

PDP DP402 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal

Get racing with the 400 Series double kick pedal from PDP.

Pearl P-2052B Eliminator Redline Double Bass Drum Pedal Belt Drive

The PowerShifter Eliminator gets 'redlined' for a top performance double kick pedal.

Pearl P-2052C Eliminator Redline Double Bass Drum Pedal Chain Drive

Get personal. Patented interchangeable cam system makes the Eliminator a stand-out kick pedal from the crowd.

Pearl P-3001D Demon Direct Drive Bass Drum Pedal Conversion Kit

Add double pedals to your existing single pedal.

Pearl P-3002C Demon Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal with Case

Combining the features of the Demon Drive with a chain drive for feel and power.
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