Drum & Percussion Microphones

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AKG C3000 High Performance Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

The C3000 is a microphone that will get the job done across a wide range of vocals and instruments - studio or home.

AKG P120 High Performance General Purpose Recording Microphone

The P120 offers affordable clarity in a condenser microphone.

AKG P170 High Performance Instrumental Microphone

Get the sound right - overhead, strings and more.

AKG P420 High Performance Dual-Capsule True Condenser Microphone (P-420)

The P420 is a flexible use microphone for studio. Complete with shock mount and carry case here with us.

Audio-Technica AT2050 Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone

The versatile AT2050 at Mega Music provides consistent, superior performance in switchable cardioid, omnidirectional and figure-of-eight polar pattern settings.

Audix ADX51 Professional Condenser Microphone

Clear audio from a range of ambient sources, live or studio.

Audix D2 Professional Dynamic Instrument Microphone

Percussive specialist - if it's short and sharp, give the D2 a go.

Audix D4 Professional Dynamic Low/Mid Instrument Microphone

A wide frequency response for anything from kick to instruments in the mid range. Enhances bottom end sound.

Audix D6 Professional Dynamic Low Frequency Instrument Microphone

One for the sounds of kick, bass, toms…

Audix DP7 Drum 7-pce Microphone Pack

Seven precision microphones for live or studio drums.

Audix FP7 Drum 7-pce Microphone Pack

Seven quality microphones for live or studio drums.

Behringer C2 Matched Studio Condenser Mics(Pair)

Get the full experience of a choir or instrument with a pair of stereo-matched condenser microphones - the Behringer C2.