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Drum Thrones

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DW 3100 Drum Throne Round Top

The DW 3100 is an affordable throne that rates for strength and comfort for the price.

DW 5100 Drum Throne Round Top

The DW5100 Drum Throne is affordable and user friendly, with a smaller seat and is one of our most popular drum thrones.

Yamaha DS550 Drum Throne (DS550U)

Standard, round drum stool with single bracing at a very friendly price.

Yamaha FPDS2A DS550 Drum Throne and Single Bass Drum Pedal Pack

Amazingly affordable drum throne and kick drum pedal package from Yamaha.

PDP 700 Series Round Drum Throne

Round sturdy drum throne, 20-inch min / 25-inch max height.

Tama HT430B Round Rider Drum Throne

The Round Rider features a traditional and gently rounded cushion shape that is very popular due to its versatility.

Tama HT65WN Drum Throne

Thick round drum seat with double braced legs.

DW 5120 5000 Series Tractor Style Drum Throne

Molded seat on a professional strength frame.

DW 9100 Round Top Drum Throne

Take your seat.

DW 9120 Airlift Tractor Drum Throne

Prepare for take-off. Dual foam tractor seat top.

DW 9120M Tripod Tractor Drum Throne

Oversized tractor style seat and wide and double braced legs - you can trust this one.

DXP DA-1236 Drum Throne

Very family friendly price for a solid drum throne.
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