Drums & Percussion

Our Drum Department at Mega Music is huge, with a premium range of both acoustic (real) drum-kits and electronic drums for the beginner, improver and professional.

Our advice and expertise is second to none, with the best in the business on staff to help with drumming advice, selection and installation.

We are on board with the big names in drums: Pearl, Yamaha, DW, PDP, Mapex, Tama, Paiste, Meinl, Sonor, Zildjian, Ludwig, Gretsch, Roland Electric Drums and Sabian to name a few.

So browse our extensive range here online where you can purchase and have your drum gear delivered direct, or come and talk drums at a Mega Music store.

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CB-700 Electronic Drum Kit

The ultimate in electric drum-kit value, the wonderfully-affordable CB-700 Electric Drums.

DW 3100 Drum Throne Round Top

The DW 3100 is an affordable throne that rates for strength and comfort for the price.

DW 5100 Drum Throne Round Top

The DW5100 Drum Throne is affordable and user friendly, with a smaller seat and is one of our most popular drum thrones.

DW Drums DWCP 3002 Double Bass Drum Pedal (DW 3002)

A top-value, double-chain kick drum pedal - double the fun.

DW Drums DWCP2000 Single Bass Drum Pedal (DW 2000)

Solid bass drum pedal that's ready for action.

DW Drums DWCP2002 Double Bass Drum Pedal (DW 2002)

Entry-level priced, single-chain pedal but superbly qualified to play up a double-kick storm.

DW Drums DWCP3000 Single Bass Drum Pedal (DW 3000)

Top notch kick pedal at a friendly price.

DXP Fusion Drum Mutes Set

Put a set of drum mutes on your drumkit for a quiet session, keeps you playing longer.

Pearl Roadshow RS505CC 5 Piece 20 Inch Fusion Drum Kit Complete (All Colours)

Pearl Roadshow is the complete drum kit to get you started. Stands, cymbals, throne, kick pedal and of course the solid drum shells - you've got it all and at an affordable price. Choose from a range of stunning finishes.

Roland TD-11K V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit V-Compact Series (TD11K)

The TD11K V-Drums is one of the V Compact Series complete with mesh-head snare, cloth head kick, V-Hi-Hat, triple-trigger cymbal and TD-11 Sound Module. Natural, realistic and a heck of a good time.

Roland TD-11KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit V-Compact Series (TD11KV)

The TD11KV V-Drums stands out for having the all-round mesh head for snare AND toms. You also get the realistic feel of a cloth head kick, V-Hi-Hat, triple-trigger cymbal and TD-11 Sound Module. This one is among the best value real-feel electronic drumkits on the planet.

Roland TD-1K V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit (TD1K)

The Roland TD1K is the world's most popular electronic drumkit. Roland have had 30 years of dedicated drum development under their belt so that you know you have the best there is, whether a beginner or professional drummer.