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DW Drums

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DW 3100 Drum Throne Round Top

The DW 3100 is an affordable throne that rates for strength and comfort for the price.

DW 3300 Snare Stand

Great value snare stand.

DW 3700 Cymbal Boom Stand

DW 3000 Series Cymbal Boom Stand

DW 5000AD4 Delta III Bass Drum Single Kick Pedal

With the latest in kick pedal refinements, including Toe Clamp.

DW 5002AD4 Bass Drum Double Kick Pedal

Accelerator chain-drive bass pedal.

DW 5100 Drum Throne Round Top

The DW5100 Drum Throne is affordable and user friendly, with a smaller seat and is one of our most popular drum thrones.

DW 5120 5000 Series Tractor Style Drum Throne

Molded seat on a professional strength frame.

DW 5300 Snare Stand

Tough and gig-ready snare stand.

DW 5700 Cymbal Boom Stand

Vertically retractable boom cymbal arm.

DW 6300 Snare Stand

Lightweight and super strong snare stand.

DW 6700 Cymbal Boom Stand Flush Base

Nice and light and works a charm.

DW 6710 Straight Cymbal Stand Flush Base

Nice and light and works a charm.

DW 6710UL Ultra Light Flush Base Cymbal Stand

Super light and works a charm.

DW 7300 Snare Stand

Single braced tripod snare stand.

DW 7700 Cymbal Boom Stand

The DW 7700 Lightweight Single-Braced Boom Cymbal Stand features an integrated memory lock, toothless tilter with TechLock, an ergonomic tilter ratchet handle, and an adjustable cymbal seat.

DW 7710 Straight Cymbal Stand

User friendly straight stand from DW.

DW 9000 Series Bass Drum Single Kick Pedal

Feel the speed, feel the power with the flagship DW 9000 bass drum pedal.

DW 9000 Series DWCP9300AL Snare Stand with Air Lift

Adjusting your snare drum just got easier with the revolutionary new Air Lift hardware. The secret is a pneumatic shock that effortlessly allows drums to float on a cushion of air for quick, effortless, and exact adjustments every time.

DW 9000 Series DWCP9702 Heavy Duty Multi Cymbal Stand

The 9702 Dual Cymbal Multi-Stand is yet another innovation designed to give drummers almost limitless set-up options.

DW 9000 Series Single Bass Drum Kick Pedal with Extended Footboard

The 9000 combines feel, speed and power. Who wants some?

DW 9002 Bass Drum Double Kick Pedal

Feel the speed, feel the power with a DW double kick pedal.

DW 9002XF Bass Drum Double Kick Pedal Extended Board

Get feel, speed and power all in a quality bass drum pedal from DW.

DW 9100 Round Top Drum Throne

Take your seat.

DW 9120 Airlift Tractor Drum Throne

Prepare for take-off. Dual foam tractor seat top.
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