Dynamic/Live Microphones

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AKG C411 L High Performance Minature Microphone for Strings

A vibration pick-up to capture the sounds of guitar, violin, mandolin and strings.

AKG C5 Professional Condenser Vocal Microphone

Cut through with superior vocal tone.

AKG C518M Professional Minature Clamp-on Condenser Microphone

Designed for the rhythm, great for percussion

AKG D112 MkII Professional Dynamic Bass Drum Microphone

One of the best bass drum microphones in the business.

AKG D12VR Reference Large Diaphragm Dynamic Microphone

The D12VR works perfectly on your kick drums.

AKG D40 Professional Dynamic Instrument Microphone

High end sound for instruments - from drums, guitar to wind and percussion.

AKG D5 Professional Dynamic Vocal Microphone

A great microphone for lead and backing vocals.

AKG D5 Professional Vocal Microphone Stage Pack

Get everything a vocalist needs to plug in, play, sing, rehearse and perform.

AKG D7 Premium Dynamic Vocal Microphone

High end sound for stage and studio vocals.

AKG P2 High Performance Live Bass Instrument Dynamic Microphone

Punching low end for kicks and bass cabinets.

AKG P4 High Performance Dynamic Instrument Microphone

This one can handle the sound pressure of live instruments.