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EDEN EC10 50w Bass Guitar Amplifier Combo (1 x 10 inch)

Practice on the road or in your garage with the EC10. Boasting a 10” speaker and 50W of power, this amp offers what you need to practice and rehearse for your next gig in a portable format. Touring artists like Johny Chow and Cass Lewis use these for practicing in between shows. Be as creative as you like with your favorite bassline in the garage using the headphone output.
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EDEN EC8 20w Bass Guitar Amplifier Combo (1 x 8 inch)

Break into bass with the EC8, the ultimate introduction to Eden tone. A uniquely designed power amp maximizes the headroom in a small space. Perfect your bassline without disturbing the neighbors using the headphone output. The EC8 is lightweight and convenient for you to use at home and for warming up.
In stock - ready to ship
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