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Bass Guitar Effects Pedals

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Boss BB-1X Bass Driver Bass Effects Pedal

A great enhancer for bass.
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Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal

Cool chorus that you can apply without affect the low end duties of a bass.
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Boss GEB-7 Bass Equalizer Bass Effects Pedal

7 band EQ for bass guitar in a single pedal.
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Boss GT-1B Bass Effects Processor (GT1B)

An effects unit that looks after our low end friends, the Boss GT1B is the ultimate multieffects unit for bass guitar.
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Boss LMB-3 Limiter/Enhancer Bass Guitar Effects Pedal

Gets that bass under control so it can do your bidding.
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Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive Bass Effects Pedal

Distortion that doesn't forget the bass player.
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Darkglass Alpha Omega Bass Preamp Pedal

This new bass effects pedal mixes clean and processed signals to give you a very flexible tone control for your bass.

Darkglass Duality Fuzz Bass Effects Pedal

Two kinds of fuzz! Fuzz fun for bass players.

Darkglass Microtubes B3K CMOS Bass Overdrive Effects Pedal

Get your bass sound into overdrive with this killer bass effects pedal from Darkglass.

Darkglass Microtubes B7K Ultra Analog Bass Preamp Pedal

All the preamp you need for your bass in this pedal.

Darkglass Microtubes Vintage Bass Preamp Effects Pedal

Go back in time with vintage preamp tones for your bass sound.

Darkglass Vintage Ultra Bass Preamp Pedal

Tone crafting at its finest with Darkglass.

Electro Harmonix EHX Bass Big Muff Guitar Guitar Effects Pedal

Looking for the wild Big Muff distortion for bass? This is the pedal.
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Electro Harmonix EHX Bass Soul Food Guitar Effects Pedal

An affordable high end bass shaper and distortion.
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Electro Harmonix EHX Nano Bass Big Muff PI Effects Pedal

Big Muff distortion and sustain for the bass player.
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MXR 10 Band EQ Bass Guitar Effects Pedal

The MXR Ten Band EQ lets you tune your bass or guitar rig in seconds, and it's been upgraded with noise-reduction circuitry, true bypass switching, a lightweight aluminum housing, brighter LEDs, and a second output.

MXR 6 Band Graphic EQ Bass Guitar Effects Pedal

The MXR Six Band EQ covers all the essential guitar frequencies and has been upgraded with noise-reduction circuitry, true bypass switching, brighter LEDs for increased visibility, and a lightweight aluminum housing.

MXR Analog Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal

The Analog Chorus creates classically lush, liquid textures with Rate, Level, Depth, High, and Low controls for superior control over your sound.

MXR Bass Compressor Bass Guitar Effects Pedal

The Bass Compressor provides recording-quality compression with Constant Headroom Technology™ and true bypass switching for keeping your low end tight and clean.

MXR Bass Envelope Filter Bass Guitar Effects Pedal

The Bass Envelope Filter delivers classic analog envelope filter sounds with separate Dry and Effect level controls to keep your low end intact.

MXR Bass Octave Deluxe Bass Guitar Effects Pedal

The Bass Octave Deluxe offers two independent analog sub-octave voices with a Dry control and a Mid+ switch to optimize the sound of your parallel clean signal.

Tech 21 Bass Fly Rig

The Tech 21 Bass Fly Rig Bass multi effects pedal gives bass guitarists all the necessities they need for great bass tone in a single, lightweight unit. Gone are the days of needing enourmouse pedal boards. The Bass Fly Rig features five independent sections: boost, chorus, compression, a complete SansAmp, and a powerful Octafilter. There's a built-in tuner for convenience and an XLR output connects directly to a PA system or recording device for when an amp isn't available. The Tech 21 Bass Fly Rig is the answer to massive sound that will fit in the pocket of your guitar bag.

Tech 21 SansAmp VT Bass DI

Add killer bass tones to any rig or stage with the Tech 21 VT Bass DI pedal. This robust DI pedal features a blend control to dial in the perfect amount of direct signal and SansAmp circuitry. A bite switch adds punch to your treble while tightening up the low end. Perfect for stage and studio, the VT Bass DI sports a 1/4-inch, XLR, and parallel outputs for flexible use. A character controls takes you from old-school tube amps to modern rock rigs.

Zoom B1on Bass Guitar FX

100 powerful bass effects and amp models—5 can be used simultaneously, chained together in any order—allow you to deliver the kind of solid foundation your music deserves.
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