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Electronic Drum Modules

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Roland RT-MicS Hybrid Drum Trigger Module (RTMicS)

Want to explore hybrid sounds with your acoustic drum kit but don't need anything too complicated? The compact RT-MicS is your solution to drum kit sound expansion.
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Roland TM-6 Pro Trigger Module (TM6)

The TM6 Trigger Module is the professional's choice for expanding your drum kit with an endless library of new sounds, ready to trigger on your kit.
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Roland TM-1 Trigger Module (TM1)

The Roland TM-1 is a unique trigger module that makes it easy to add more sounds to your acoustic drum kit. These sounds can be anything you like, from the TM-1’s on-board kick, snare, tom, cymbal and percussion samples to your own samples and loops. The ability to easily expand your drum kit by connecting any compatible Roland trigger pad or RT-series trigger makes the TM-1 a powerful and practical hybrid drumming solution.
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Roland TM-2 Trigger Module (TM2)

Install a trigger on your drums to increase your sound range.
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Korg CH01 Cliphit Drum Module

Just attach the clips to any surface, turning them into a practice drum kit! The CLIPHIT, a fun to use drum module with sensor clip technology.
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Yamaha DMR502 Drum Trigger Module and Rack for DTX522K, DTX532K and DTX562K

The DMR502 system is a DTX502 and RS502 rack module for the DTX522K, DTX532K and DTX562K.
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Yamaha EAD10 Electronic Acoustic Drum Module

Yamaha EAD10 Electronic/Acoustic Drum Trigger Module is a revolution in hybrid drum technology giving you access to studio quality drum sounds and sample integration based around your acoustic kit
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Roland TD50X V-Drums Electronic Drum Module

The Powerhouse Module Behind the Best Electronic Drums
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Roland TD-17 V-Drums Electronic Drum Module (TD17)

The Sound And Expression To Help You To Become A Better Drummer, Faster.
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Roland TD27 V-Drum Module

The TD-27 V-Drums module is loaded with the finest acoustic drum sounds you’ve ever heard. Roland’s Prismatic Sound Modeling produces drums that not only sound exceptional, but also respond just like real acoustic instruments when you play them.
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Roland V-Drums TD-50 Electronic Drum Module

V-drums redefined: An ultra-expressive drum sound module for pro performance and studio sessions.
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Pearl e/MERGE Cymbal Pads and Module

The all new acoustic library for the EM-MDL1 was recorded in one of the world’s most respected recording studios in historic Music City USA, Nashville, Tennessee. Both current and vintage instruments in a full variety of sizes were chosen and sampled.
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