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Yamaha YFL212ID Student Flute - Silver Plated

Everybody's new favourite flute for first-timers, the Yamaha Student Flute - YFL212ID.
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Yamaha YFL372ID Intermediate Level Student Flute

The Yamaha YFL372ID Flute is an incredibly well designed instrument. Featuring a lip plate to guide beginners toward proper breath utilization, keys with carefully considered dimensions and angles for optimum balance and easy play-ability, it is no surprise that Yamaha student and intermediate flutes have become bestsellers worldwide.
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Yamaha YFL222ID Student Flute

Made of nickel silver and designed for a student budget but will deliver orchestral quality in tone and construction.
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Yamaha Alto Venova Wind Instrument

A fun new wind instrument that blends the simplicity of recorder with the sound of a saxophone. The Alto Venova makes it easy for anyone — even beginners — to make music.
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Hercules DS460B Travlite Flute Stand

The HERCULES TravLite Flute Stand DS460B one piece design folds and stores easily and conveniently inside the flute.
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Ashton FMP100 Flute Maintenance Kit

Flute maintenance pack.
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Superslick Tiger Rag Flute Cleaning Swabs -3 Pack

Superslick Tiger Rag Flute Cleaning Swabs (3 Patches/Pkg) – 2″ x 3.5″ patch-use with cleaning rod. Strong, absorbent material designed for a swift pull-through, removing excess moisture. Machine washable, long lasting, and has a sturdy pull cord. FS1-G for gross of 144 or more.
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