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Gallien Krueger

There’s many a reason to come to Mega Music on-line and in-store and stop at the land of Gallien-Krueger in your quest for tone in a bass amplifier.

RB Series bass heads have been setting the standard for a few decades and those who love them, really love them for their GIVE technology, which contributes to the RB’s super warm punch, as well as an attention to circuitry that creates GK’s renowned bass sound. MB Series bass heads deliver superb clarity and power without all the weight and the Fusion 550 is tube and solid state united in a winning combination. A bit like GK and Mega Music, eh?

Even if we say so ourselves.

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Gallien Krueger 1001RB Bass Amp Head - 750 Watts

A state-of-the-art monster designed to deliver maximum performance with minimum fuss.

Gallien Krueger 2001RB Dual Bass Amp Head - 540 Watts per side

Gallien-Krueger's big gun with 2 - 500W woofer amps bridgeable to 1000W and 2 - 50W horn amps.

Gallien Krueger CX115 300w 1X15 Bass Cabinet

Performance like no other 15".

Gallien Krueger CX210 400w 2x10 Bass Cabinet

Perfect addition to the MB series head, or paired with other CX cabs.
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