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Guitar Accessories

All the great and small gear that helps make guitar playing a happy joyful time comes under the category of Guitar Accessories.

Whether it's a guitar lead, strap, case, tuner, new pickups or guitar repair and care, Mega Music comes to your aid.

Browse and buy your guitar gear online or come into a Mega Music store if you need to look, talk and explore guitar accessories.

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Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner (TU3)

The Boss TU-3 is a classic guitar pedal tuner, loved for its effectiveness live and in studio to get you perfectly in tune just by looking.
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Boss TU-03 Clip On Tuner and Metronome (TU03)

Compact and simple to operate, the TU-03 puts two essential music tools within easy reach. It combines a chromatic tuner and metronome in one device that clips onto the head stock of nearly any stringed instrument, providing instant-access convenience everywhere you play.
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Debbie Cracknell - "Enjoy Playing Guitar Tutor Book 1 + CD: First steps in playing classical guitar"

A great place to start your classical journey, young or old - this book and CD sets you on your musical way.

Fender Shorty Barstool - 24 inch

Fender's 24” ‘Shorty’ Barstool is perfect for sitting and playing. Some assembly required.
In stock - ready to ship

Gruv Gear Fretwrap - Single Small Black

For those special muting, tapping and possibly other untold uses, get yourself a fret wrap. Yes, it wraps! Around frets!

Hercules GS302B Travlite Fold Away Electric Guitar Stand

Super light and foldable for travel.

Hercules GS401BB Foldaway Mini Stand for Acoustic Guitar with Bag

Amazingly compact folding acoustic guitar stand.

Hercules GS402BB Foldaway Mini Stand for Electric Guitar/Bass with Bag

Amazingly compact folding electric guitar/bass stand.

Hercules GS414B Auto Grab Single Guitar Stand with Leg Rest

One grab and you have it, floor stand for a single guitar.

Hercules GSP38WBPLUS Guitar Wall Hanger with Wooden Base

Mount your guitar on a wall with a Hercules Wall Hanger.

Hercules GSP39WB Guitar Wall Hanger with Metal Base

Mount your guitar on a wall with a Hercules Wall Hanger.

Ibanez AFC PLYWOOD Hollow Body Guitar Case for AF Series

Durable wood Case to suit Hollow Body AF series Ibanez Guitars

Ibanez AFS-C PLYWOOD Guitar Case Hollow Body for AFS Series

Keep your guitar safe and sound with the Ibanez AFS-C hardshell case. Designed for Ibanez's AFS series guitars, the AFS-C is made from tough plywood and has extra thick padding to cradle your guitar from gig to gig. Super strong latches and hinges will handle tons of abuse and still keep on working. Keep your guitar safe from dings, scratches, and damage with the heavy-duty Ibanez AFS-C hardshell case.

Ibanez AM-C PLYWOOD Guitar Hollow Body Case for AS Series

Designed for for AM series guitars.

Ibanez AR-C PLYWOOD Guitar Case Hollow Body for AR Series

Designed for for GAX, AR, ART, ARZ series guitars.

Ibanez AS-C PLYWOOD Guitar Hollow Body Case for AS Series

Suitable for AS, Artcore and JSM.

Ibanez BIGMINI Guitar Tuner Pedal

The Ibanez BIGMINI chromatic pedal tuner offers exactly what you need to get in tune quickly and easily without eating up your precious pedalboard real estate. Calibration ranges from 435Hz to 445Hz, and tuning gives you options from A0 to C8.

Ibanez EJK1000 Adjustment Tool for Guitar Intonation E Jack

E-JACK Intonation Adjuster for Edge, Lo-Pro Edge,

Ibanez ESPR1003 E SPRING Teflon Plated Edge Tremolo Spring 3 Springs

E-SPRING Teflon Plated Edge Tremolo Spring x 3pc.

Ibanez GB C Guitar Case For Ibanez GB

No matter which Ibanez guitars or basses you play, youll want to protect your precious instrument. Do it in style with an authentic Ibanez hard shell case. The Ibanez GB-C Hard Case is designed to be rugged.

Ibanez GWS100 Powerpad Workstation Guitar Maintenance

The workbench and contact area are made of non-woven fabric to avoid damaging your guitar’s finish. Designed for easy carrying.

Ibanez ICC10 Classical Guitar Capo Matte Black

The Ibanez ICC10 is a sturdy capo that has been designed for use with classical guitar. The Ibanez 2017 ICC10 is a simple, refined and elegant capo for classical guitar.

Ibanez ISW10 Guitar String Winder For Fast Re String

Make changing strings a breeze with one of our string winders. Great for restringing all guitars from acoustic, electric, even bass making the job a lot faster and easier.

Ibanez M300C Electric Guitar Case Molded Hardshell

If you're looking for a rugged-yet-lightweight case for your Ibanez electric, you'll find it in the Ibanez M300C. Outside, this M300C's ABS molded hardshell case protects your guitar against dents, dust, and moisture. Inside, its soft hair leather interior, molded body cavity, and supportive neck cradle hug your instrument in storage and in transit.
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