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Guitar Capos

A guitar capo can be a very handy guitar device.

Put it on and you can you can play in different keys without changing the chords you know, or play in tricky keys using easy shapes, or play lovely open chords further up the neck.

So if you play acoustic, for example, you might be very interested in getting a capo.

Check them out or add one to your Shopping Cart here, or come and talk about the capo you need with our staff at a Mega Music store.

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Ibanez ICC10 Classical Guitar Capo Matte Black

The Ibanez ICC10 is a sturdy capo that has been designed for use with classical guitar. The Ibanez 2017 ICC10 is a simple, refined and elegant capo for classical guitar.
In stock - ready to ship

Jim Dunlop Trigger Acoustic Guitar Capo

Aircraft quality aluminium guitar capo, made in USA.

Jim Dunlop Trigger Acoustic Guitar Capo Black

This curved-radius acoustic guitar capo allows you to quickly and easily change key with a squeeze of the hand without hindering your fingers or scratching the neck of your guitar.

Jim Dunlop Trigger Capo Classical

Designed for the wider neck of a classical or flamenco guitar.

Jim Dunlop Trigger Guitar Capo Electric

Quick change guitar capo.

Ashton CP2 Capo for Acoustic/Electric Guitar with Bottle Opener

The CP-2 is important as a guitar accessory for when you need the sound of a capo, allowing you to play freely, and the bottle opener allows you to drink your soda freely, too.
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