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Guitar Care Products

Our Guitar Care Products Section involves oils, potions and devices that help to keep your guitar in the best possible shape.

From cleaners, fretboard spray, polish, humidifiers and string-winders, there's plenty we sell that will keep your instument looking, feeling and playing like a million dollars.

Browse here and purchase online without fuss or come and talk guitar care with our dedicated Mega Music staff.

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Ibanez EJK1000 Adjustment Tool for Guitar Intonation E Jack

E-JACK Intonation Adjuster for Edge, Lo-Pro Edge,
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Ibanez MTZ11 Guitar Multi Tool

Everything you need to make adjustments to your guitar. The MTZ11 Ibanez Multi Tool offers all the tools you need to fix, modify and tweak your guitar.
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Jim Dunlop Dual Design Straplok (nickel)

Keep your guitar strap locked on and secure.
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Jim Dunlop Gel String-Winders

New strings replaced in seconds. Replace your strings in seconds with this classic winder. The notched head removes bridge pins quickly and safely. Offered in assorted colors.
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Jim Dunlop Guitar Polish Gift Pack

Guitar polish pack.
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Jim Dunlop System 65 Complete Guitar Maintenance Gift Pack

All in one guitar care kit.
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Music Nomad Premium Guitar Care Kit

The Ultimate Professional Grade 5-piece Care Kit for premium care and maintenance for stringed instruments.
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Music Nomad MN140 Premium Guitar Care Kit - 3 Pack

Includes guitar polish, fretboard oil and cloth.
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Planet Waves DP0002 Pro-Winder Guitar String Winder

Unlike ordinary peg winders, the patented Pro-Winder is a high-quality peg winder with a built-in clipper, bridge pin puller and string stretcher. The Pro-Winder is designed to fit virtually all guitars, banjos, and mandolins. Ergonomically designed with durable hardened steel wire cutters, the Pro-Winder is the ultimate all-in-one restringing tool. Keep one in every case! Also available in a bass guitar version.
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Music Nomad MN200 100% Flannel Polishing Cloth

The Music Nomad All Purpose Edgeless 100% Pure Flannel Non-Treated Polishing Cloth comes from a company that's passionate about helping independent musicians.This specially designed 100% Flannel Polishing Cloth is safe on all surfaces. Also, the non-hemmed edge is used to avoid scratching your prized instrument, prolonging that fresh-from-the-showroom feel through superior design and quality.
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Music Nomad MN201 Suede Polish Cloth

Music Nomad's suede polishing cloth is made using a super soft, lint free construction and is the best way to clean your instrument. Our polish cloth is perfect for guitar care, fretboard care, string care, and any instrument care. We use high quality Microfiber, which is a revolutionary material containing 90,000 microfibers per square inch. Also, we use a non-hemmed edge to avoid scratching your prized instrument. We recommend this polishing cloth to be used with our Fretboard, Oil, Guitar Polish and Guitar Wax.
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Taylor Fretboard Conditioner

Taylor’s special formula fretboard conditioner cleans and nourishes your fretboard. Made in USA.
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Taylor Guitar Polish

A premium guitar polish for all glossy instruments, Taylor’s unique formula cleans and polishes to a high-gloss finish. Safe for all types of guitar finishes. Made in USA.
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Taylor Satin Guitar Cleaner

The ultimate guitar cleaner for your satin-finish guitar. Cleans and restores your satin-finish, leaving no oils, silicone or waxy residue. Made in USA.
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Planet Waves PW-HPK-01 Humidifier

D'Addario Humidipak is the only maintenance-free, two-way humidity control system for guitar.
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