Guitar Care Products

Our Guitar Care Products Section involves oils, potions and devices that help to keep your guitar in the best possible shape.

From cleaners, fretboard spray, polish, humidifiers and string-winders, there's plenty we sell that will keep your instument looking, feeling and playing like a million dollars.

Browse here and purchase online without fuss or come and talk guitar care with our dedicated Mega Music staff.

If you don't see a product you are looking for, please contact us. We stock a huge range and not all products are on our website.
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Ibanez EJK1000 Adjustment Tool for Guitar Intonation (E-JACK)

E-JACK Intonation Adjuster for Edge, Lo-Pro Edge,

Ibanez GWS100 Powerpad Workstation for Guitar Maintenance/Repairs

Rest your guitar safely on a bench for restring and repair.

Ibanez ISW10 Guitar String Winder for Fast Re-string

Don't take ages to re-string - get a string winder from Ibanez.

Ibanez MTZ11 Guitar Multi Tool

The Ibanez MTZ11 is the perfect multi-tool for mobile guitar maintenance. The MTZ11 Combining 11 tools in one handy chassis, the MTZ11 includes hex wrenches, screwdrivers, a tube spanner and a ruler. The easy-to-handle MTZ11 is designed to solve all your set-up troubles when you're on the road or prepping for a gig.

Jim Dunlop Dual Design Straplok (nickel)

Keep your guitar strap locked on and secure.

Jim Dunlop Gel String-Winders

New strings replaced in seconds.

Jim Dunlop Guitar Finish Cloth

Guitar care cloth.

Jim Dunlop Guitar Polish Gift Pack

Guitar polish pack.

KwikFret Kwik Cloth

A purpose - built cloth for guitar care.

KwikFret Kwik Cloth with Lemoil

A purpose - built cloth for guitar care. Soaked in Lemoil.