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Guitar Cases and Gig Bags

You might want a supreme, tough, premium guitar case to protect your pride and joy at home or in transit, or just a light bag to carry your acoustic to music lessons.

Mega Music have a top rate collection of cases and bags to fit guitars of any type.

Browse and buy here online with us, or come into a Mega Music and tell us what you need to protect and carry your guitar.

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Ibanez AFC PLYWOOD Hollow Body Guitar Case for AF Series

Durable wood Case to suit Hollow Body AF series Ibanez Guitars

Ibanez AFS-C PLYWOOD Guitar Case Hollow Body for AFS Series

Keep your guitar safe and sound with the Ibanez AFS-C hardshell case. Designed for Ibanez's AFS series guitars, the AFS-C is made from tough plywood and has extra thick padding to cradle your guitar from gig to gig. Super strong latches and hinges will handle tons of abuse and still keep on working. Keep your guitar safe from dings, scratches, and damage with the heavy-duty Ibanez AFS-C hardshell case.

Ibanez AM-C PLYWOOD Guitar Hollow Body Case for AS Series

Designed for for AM series guitars.

Ibanez AR-C PLYWOOD Guitar Case Hollow Body for AR Series

Designed for for GAX, AR, ART, ARZ series guitars.

Ibanez AS-C PLYWOOD Guitar Hollow Body Case for AS Series

Suitable for AS, Artcore and JSM.

Ibanez GB C Guitar Case For Ibanez GB

No matter which Ibanez guitars or basses you play, youll want to protect your precious instrument. Do it in style with an authentic Ibanez hard shell case. The Ibanez GB-C Hard Case is designed to be rugged.

Ibanez M300C Electric Guitar Case Molded Hardshell

If you're looking for a rugged-yet-lightweight case for your Ibanez electric, you'll find it in the Ibanez M300C. Outside, this M300C's ABS molded hardshell case protects your guitar against dents, dust, and moisture. Inside, its soft hair leather interior, molded body cavity, and supportive neck cradle hug your instrument in storage and in transit.

Ibanez MB300C Bass Guitar Case Molded Hardshell

Get a genuine Ibanez hardshell case to protect your SR and SRH Series Basses. The Ibanez MB300C is designed to fit your Ibanez SR and SRH model electric basses, and features a black covering and an ergonomic carry handle for comfort. This hard case also has heavy-duty locking latches and an internal storage compartment for all of your accessories.

Ibanez MR500C Universal Electric Guitar Case

Road-ready protection for your Ibanez guitar. Ibanez guitar cases are ideal for players who want to transport their precious gear safely with road-tough protection, but also require a lighter case.

Ibanez W101RG Electric Guitar Case for RG6-9

Electric guitar wood case to suit Ibanez RG,RG7, RGD, RGD7, RG8, RG9, S, SA.

Ibanez W200C Electric Guitar Case

With its time-tested design, chrome latches, black tolex exterior, and tough plywood construction, the Ibanez W200C Durable Wood Case is a great-looking and safe way to store and transport your Ibanez electric guitar.

Ibanez WB200C Bass Guitar Case - Wood

If your bass needs a case then check out the Ibanez WB200C. Suits SR, SRX, BTB, ATK and Left-handed models.

SKB Rectangle Hard Shell Case for Electric Guitar

The SKB-66 is designed for traditional electric guitar body styles, both left and right handed Strat and Tele type guitars.

UXL BAG-200 Premium Classical Guitar Gig Bag (BAG200)

A carry gig bag that will transport and protect standard classical guitars.

UXL BAG-210 Premium Dreadnought Guitar Gig Bag (BAG210)

Designed to suit dreadnought size acoustic guitars.

UXL BAG-220 Premium Electric Guitar Gig Bag (BAG220)

Designed to suit most electric guitars up to 102x38x10cm

UXL HC-1007 Heavy Duty Acoustic Guitar Case - Dreadnought Size (HC1007)

Protect and carry your prize dreadnought acoustic guitar with this tough road case.

UXL HC-1010 Heavy Duty Electric Guitar Case (HC1010)

Protect and carry your prize electric guitar with this tough road case. Fits most electric guitars.

UXL HC-1020 Heavy Duty Bass Guitar Case (HC1020)

Protect and carry your prize bass guitar with this tough road case. Fits most electric bass guitars.

UXL BAG-203 3/4 Classical Guitar Gig Bag (BAG203)

Designed to fit most 3/4 sized classical guitars.

UXL HC-1017 Guitar Hard Case to Suit Les Paul Shape (HC1017)

This black hard case will suit and protect your Les Paul or similar shaped guitars.

Line 6 Helix Backpack for Helix Guitar Effects Processors

Fear not - you can now carry your Helix gear around with this purpose built Helix Backpack.
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UXL FC-Classic Foam Guitar Case for Classical Guitar Full Size (FCCLASSIC)

A guitar case is all-important if you want your classical guitar to keep out of harm's way, especially to and from school, at school and in the chaos of children's lives and rooms.

Armour ARM1550G Electric Guitar Gig Bag

Armour ARM1550G Electric Guitar Gig Bag is a brand that represents quality protection for how and when you use your instrument. It gets the job done.
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