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Guitar Tuners

There's nothing better than a guitar that's perfectly in-tune, but that can be very tricky unless you use an electronic guitar tuner.

They come in all shapes and sizes, with many models that clip easily on to your guitar and show a bright display of your note and whether you are in tune.

Do yourself and everyone who listens a favour - check out a guitar tuner here or at a Mega Music store.

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Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner (TU3)

The Boss TU-3 is a classic guitar pedal tuner, loved for its effectiveness live and in studio to get you perfectly in tune just by looking.
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Ibanez BIGMINI Guitar Tuner Pedal

The Ibanez BIGMINI chromatic pedal tuner offers exactly what you need to get in tune quickly and easily without eating up your precious pedalboard real estate. Calibration ranges from 435Hz to 445Hz, and tuning gives you options from A0 to C8.
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Korg GA1 Guitar/Bass Tuner (GA-1)

Great priced guitar and bass tuner from Korg.
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Planet Waves CT-10 Clip-on Headstock Tuner

Tune your acoustic and electric guitars, basses, mandolins, banjos and other stringed instruments accurately and quickly

Planet Waves NS Micro Headstock Tuner

Tune your acoustic and electric guitars, basses, mandolins, banjos and other stringed instruments accurately and quickly

Qwik Tune QT-15 Automatic Guitar and Bass Tuner

Automatic bass and guitar tuner.

TC Electronic Polytune 2 Mini Noir Pedal

Who would have thought a guitar tuning pedal could be so, well, kinda sexy?

TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Mini Pedal

A very compact, functional and best-selling guitar tuner pedal from TC Electronic.

TC Electronic PolyTune Clip (Clip-on Guitar Tuner)

One of the best little clip-on guitar tuners you're likely to see - endorsed by professionals.

Snark WST2 Super Tight Clip-On Guitar Tuner (WST-2)

The king of bright display tuners, the Snark WST2 makes tuning your guitar easy.

Planet Waves Eclipse Tuner (Guitar Tuner Select Colour)

The Eclipse Tuner is an affordable instrument and guitar tuner that will keep you sounding in tune.

Planet Waves CT20 Chromatic Guitar Tuner CT-20 Pedal

The Chromatic Pedal Tuner from Planet Waves is a slim, stompbox-style chromatic tuner designed for use with 1/4”-connected instruments like guitars.

Snark WST8 Super Tight Clip On Tuner

Snark's super accurate version of the famous Snark Tuner, the WST8 takes tuning to another level.

Boss TU-03 Clip On Tuner and Metronome (TU03)

Compact and simple to operate, the TU-03 puts two essential music tools within easy reach. It combines a chromatic tuner and metronome in one device that clips onto the head stock of nearly any stringed instrument, providing instant-access convenience everywhere you play.
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BOSS TU-3W Chromatic Tuner Guitar Pedal (TU3W)

BOSS brings Waza Craft mojo to the world’s leading stompbox tuner. At its core, the TU-3W provides rock-solid tuning equivalent to the industry-standard TU-3. In true Waza tradition, the pedal’s benchmark functionality is further enhanced with BOSS skill and craftsmanship.
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TC Electronic Polytune 3 Polyphonic Guitar Tuner

Ultra-Compact Polyphonic Tuner with Multiple Tuning Modes and Built-In BONAFIDE BUFFER.

TC Electronics PolyTune2 Clip-on Guitar Tuner - Black

Clip-On Tuner with Polyphonic, Strobe and Chromatic Modes and 108 LED Matrix Display for Ultimate Tuning Performance.

Ibanez Tunano Clip On Guitar Tuner

Clip Tuners have become a normal part of playing guitar live. Clip tuners should be highly-visible and easy to use. The Ibanez TuNANO provides more choices of location thanks to its unique size and the easy to read LCD screen maintains maximum visibility. The tuning range goes as low as the low B on a 5-string bass. When the instrument is in tune, the display will flash in green. The display will flash in orange when it is not.

Planet Waves CT-11 Tru Strobe Guitar Pedal Tuner

The Tru-Strobe Pedal Tuner, the answer to the Tru-Strobe Table tuner, enables the musician to fine-tune any stringed instrument using the most clear-cut method on the market – the strobe. The new tuner offers true strobe accuracy (not a simulation) that will ensure precision tuning up to +/- .1% of a cent.
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