Hi-Hat Stands

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DW DWCP3000PK 3000 Series Hardware Pack

You've got the kit - now get the renowned DW drum hardware to go with it: Includes bass drum pedal, hi-hat/cymbal and snare stand.

Pearl Rapid Lock Hi-Hat Clutch

When you need to lock in your hi-hats, quickly.

Pearl Rapid Lock Super Grip Hi-Hat Clutch

When you need a very strong grip on your hi-hats.

Pearl Rapid Lock Super Grip Hi-Hat Drop Clutch

When you need a very strong grip on your hi-hats and to keep them closed playing double kick.

Tama CL08 Hi-Hat Clutch

Having your hi-hat clutch come loose is now a thing of the past with the CL08. When the T-bolt is tightened, bottom lock nut and top section press on the rod for complete security.

Tama MHA623 Hi-Hat To Bass Attachment

This is an attachment for connecting the hi-hat stand to the bass drum when setting the double bass drums.

Tama MXA53 Closed Hi-Hat Attachment

The Tama MXA53 Closed Hi-Hat Holder and clamp.

Tama MXA73 Closed Hi-Hat Attachment

Closed Hi-Hat attachment attachable to stands from 15.9mm to 28.6mm in diameter

Tama Iron Cobra HH905D Lever-Glide Hi Hat Stand

The perfect counterpart to Iron Cobra 900 Series bass drum pedals, the Iron Cobra 900 Series hi-hat stands offer incredibly sensitive, lightning-fast action, maximum adjustability and completely noise-free operation.