Hi-Hat Stands

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Pearl Rapid Lock Hi Hat Clutch

When you need to lock in your hi-hats, quickly.

Pearl Rapid Lock Super Grip Hi Hat Clutch

When you need a very strong grip on your hi-hats.

Pearl Rapid Lock Super Grip Hi Hat Drop Clutch

When you need a very strong grip on your hi-hats and to keep them closed playing double kick.

Tama CL08 Hi Hat Clutch

Having your hi-hat clutch come loose is now a thing of the past with the CL08. When the T-bolt is tightened, bottom lock nut and top section press on the rod for complete security.

Tama MHA623 Hi Hat To Bass Attachment

This is an attachment for connecting the hi-hat stand to the bass drum when setting the double bass drums.

Tama MXA53 Closed Hi Hat Attachment

The Tama MXA53 Closed Hi-Hat Holder and clamp.

Tama MXA73 Closed Hi Hat Attachment

Closed Hi-Hat attachment attachable to stands from 15.9mm to 28.6mm in diameter

Tama Iron Cobra HH905D Lever-Glide Hi Hat Stand

The perfect counterpart to Iron Cobra 900 Series bass drum pedals, the Iron Cobra 900 Series hi-hat stands offer incredibly sensitive, lightning-fast action, maximum adjustability and completely noise-free operation.

Yamaha Crosstown HHS3 Hi Hat Stand

Weighing just 2.2kg the Yamaha HHS3 Lightweight Hi Hat Stand offers drummers the perfect balance between light weight and strength. It's simple, it's sturdy and it'll bring your cymbal sound to life.