JHS Pedals

Hailing from Kansas City, JHS guitar effects pedals are not in Kansas anymore, but rather right here on-line and at our Mega Music stores.

Follow the yellow brick road to the tone and drive of Morning Glory, the polish of Pulp ‘n’ Peel, or leave the road entirely with pedals like the Panther Analogue Delay. JHS also have a great little bunch of mini-pedals, to handle jobs like boost, switching, fuzz and more. Make a worthy stop at JHS pedals on your journey to a finer guitar tone at Mega Music.

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JHS Alpine Pedal

Easy reverb pedal.

JHS Angry Charlie Pedal

Breathe Marshall fire inspired by the JCM8000.

JHS AT Andy Timmons Signature Pedal

Tweakable drive created by a fellow called Andy Timmons. No, I didn't look him up but the pedal sounds good.

JHS Buffered Splitter Pedal

Let's split. Your signal that is…

JHS Charlie Brown Pedal

The sound of classic Marshall in a pedal.

JHS Colour Box Pedal

Add some tonal colour inspired by the sound of the Neve console, that is the inspired sound of many a legendary recording.