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Kick Drums/Bass Drums

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DW Performance Lacquered Series Bass Drum (Single Bass/Kick Drum - Select Colour and Size)

A DW Performance Lacquered Bass Drum/Kick Drum has maple HVX shells and are available in five new lacquered finishes.

DW Performance Finish Ply Series Bass/Kick Drum (Single Bass Drum - Select Colour and Size)

A DW Performance Finish Ply Bass Drum has maple HVX shells and are available in six new finishes.

PDP Concept Maple Bass Drum (Select Finish & Size)

The Concept Series from PDP offers Maple and Birch drum kits, shell packs and individual drums, like a bass drum - choose your finish and size HERE.

PDP Concept Birch Bass Drum (Select Finish and Size)

You can get individual drums from the PDP Concept series - any colour and size, such as the bass drums: choose your finish/size HERE.

Pearl Masters Maple Reserve Series Kick Drum Only Chrome Hardware (Select Finish and Size)

Combining a thin 4-ply Maple shell with 4-ply re-rings delivers an essential tonal combination of rich lows and wide-open resonance. This lively sonic character makes Masters Maple Reserve a natural choice for the most discerning musical pallet.
$1,629.00 $1389

Pearl Masters Maple Complete Bass Drum (Select Finish and Size)

Get a maple bass drum that combines power with warmth, tone and clarity - the Pearl Masters legend continues to shine with the Masters Maple Complete.

Tama HP310L Speed Cobra Single Bass Drum Kick

The Speed Cobra 310 series was developed using the same design principles as the Speed Cobra 910 series, and offers remarkable performance at an affordable price.
In stock - ready to ship
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