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Korg ARP2600M Synthesizer with case and Microkey 37 (Limited Edition Launch Special)

Manufacturer: Korg
The ARP 2600 M comes with a dedicated Carry Case, a set of exclusive ARP stickers, as well as a KORG microKEY-37 so you can start playing right away!
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The genuine ARP 2600 in a more convenient size.

The ARP 2600 is arguably the most iconic and recognizable synthesizer of all time. Having been used in countless records, film scores, TV shows and game soundtracks since its appearance from the 70’s through to today, the ARP 2600’s sound remains an essential part of the music world.

The new ARP 2600 M delivers the sound admired around the world , in a more compact and portable format and including added features that make it the ideal incarnation of this historic synth.

With all of the endless options, configurations, and choices that modern technology offers musicians today, in the end, the simplest solution is often the best solution.

Microkey 37

An uncomplicated, straightforward design, compact size, and easy connectivity made the first-generation microKEY series a bestseller.

The second-generation microKEY lineup retains those attributes and adds iPad and iPhone support*, plus a damper pedal jack for improved playability. We’ve also added a 49-key model, for the player who needs a few more keys in a still-compact format.

In all, the microKEY series has evolved to become even more convenient and versatile, making it an ideal choice for first-time and more established players alike. Whether you’re producing in the studio, or creating on the go, the microKEY will give you exactly what you need – and nothing you don’t.


  • Operating temperature range: 0 – +40 °C (non‐condensing)
  • Maximum Polyphony: 2 voices for duo phonic; normally monophonic
  • VCO-1 (Voltage Controlled Oscilator 1)
    • Waveforms: Sawtooth, square
    • Frequency range: Approx. 0.03 Hz – 30 Hz (low freq. mode); Approx. 10 Hz - 10 kHz (audio mode)
    • Voltage controlled response: 1V/oct.
  • VCO-2 (Voltage Controlled Oscillator 2)
    • Waveforms: Sawtooth, pulse (dynamic pulse), triangle, sine
    • Frequency range: Approx. 0.03 Hz – 30 Hz (low freq. mode); Approx. 10 Hz - 10 kHz (audio mode)
    • Pulse width: 10% – 90%
    • Voltage controlled response: 1V/oct.
  • VCO-3 (Voltage Controlled Oscilator 3)
    • Waveforms: Sawtooth, pulse (dynamic pulse)
    • Frequency range: Approx. 0.03 Hz - 30 Hz (low freq. mode); Approx. 10 Hz - 10 kHz (audio mode)
    • Pulse width: 10% – 90%
    • Voltage controlled response: 1V/oct.
  • VCF (Voltage Controlled Filter)
    • Type: Low-pass (TYPE I : early 24 dB/oct., TYPE II: late 24 dB/oct.)
    • Frequency range: Approx. 10 Hz - 10 kHz
    • Resonance: 1/2 - self oscillate
  • VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier)
    • Control voltage: AR type (internally connected); ADSR type (internally connected)
  • Noise generator: Noise spectrum types (white and pink)
    • Type: Analog multiplier
    • Input signal (Internally connected): VCO-1 sawtooth wave, VCO-2 sine wave
    • Sampled signal: Noise (internally connected)
    • Connector: φ3.5 mm monaural phone jack
    • Maximum output level: +9 dBu @ 10 kΩ load
    • Output impedance: 1.2 kΩ
  • Side Panel
    • Connector: φ6.3 mm monaural phone jack
    • Maximum output level: +4 dBu @ 600 kΩ load
    • Output Impedance: 1.2 kΩ
    • Connector: φ6.3 mm stereo phone jack
    • Maximum output level: 50 mW + 50 mW @ 33Ω load
    • Output impedance: 20Ω
    • Connector: φ3.5 mm monaural phone jack
    • Maximum input level: +2dBu *RANGE x10, GAIN knob Max(
    • Input impedance: 100kΩ
  • MIDI connector: IN
  • USB port: Type A, Type B
  • Power supply: AC power supply terminal (KA320)
  • Power consumption: 13W
  • Dimensions: (W × D × H): 520 × 129 × 311 mm / 20.5 x 5 x 12.2 inches,
  • Weight: 6.0 kg / 13 lbs.
  • Included Items: Road case, AC power cord (KA320), patch cables, Owner’s manual, ARP stickers, microKEY2-37
  • Accessories (Sold separately): SQ-64 amongst others

Watch: ARP2600M - A Legend, Reborn


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