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Mahalo Art Series Dalmatian Soprano Ukulele

The Mahalo Art Series Dalmatian Ukulele is as cute as a button and sounds great. Perfect for dog lovers, ukulele lovers and lovers of great sounding instruments.

Mahalo Art Series Heart Soprano Ukulele

The Mahalo Art Series Heart Ukulele is sounds great and looks as lovely as it sounds. You'll love this ukulele with all your heart!

Mahalo Art Series Pirate Soprano Ukulele

No pirate is complete without a parrot on their shoulder, an eye patch AND a pirate ukulele! The Mahalo Art Series Pirate Ukulele is the perfect addition to any ship!

Mahalo Art Series Skull Soprano Ukulele

Skulls don't always need to look scary! This ukulele proves that skulls can be colourful and beautiful! The Mahalo Art Series is known for it's amazing artwork and this is no exception.

Mahalo Hano Elite Series Concert Ukulele - Natural

You can plug this in for amplification, perform uke at your concert with a premium quality instrument.

Mahalo Hano Series Concert Ukulele - Natural

Still affordable but a little more special - Mahalo's Hano Series Concert Ukulele with free bag included.
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