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Mallets & Beaters

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Regal Tip Mallets Hard Felt Cymbal Mallet

Diameter: 0.580" Length: 14.75" Cymbal mallet.

Vic Firth American Custom SD6 Swizzle Bolero Wood Tip Maple Drumsticks

An SD2 Bolero with a hard, spun felt ball attached to the butt end. Ideal for fast changes on cymbals.

Zildjian Cymbal Mallet Black

Featuring a wound yarn head mounted on a 7A Hickory drumstick. Great for a variety of applications.

Zildjian Cymbal Mallet Natural

Featuring a wound yarn head mounted on a 7A Hickory drumstick. Great for a variety of applications.

Zildjian Dennis Chambers DC Double Stick Mallet

Designed by Dennis Chambers, the "DC Double" is a multi-purpose drumstick based upon the popular Dennis Chambers Artist Series Drumstick. Featuring a small, round tip on the traditional stricking end and a seamless felt mallethead on the other.

Zildjian Gong Mallet

Oversized diamond head mounted on a maple handle. Brings out the best in large gongs. Features a convenient hang strap.

Zildjian John Riley Double Stick Mallet

Combines the acclaimed bead of the John Riley Artist Series Drumstick and our popular seamless felt mallet head. Great for cymbal swells and muted tom fills. U.S. Select Hickory stick.

Zildjian Travis Barker Double Stick Mallet

The Travis Barker Double mallet takes the top-selling Travis Barker Artist Series Drumstick a step further, adding a seamless felt mallet head to the butt end. Travis' new stick is extremely versatile, featuring a round bead tip, 0.595" diameter, and 16 5/8" length.

Innovative Percussion IP240 Soloist Marimba Mallets (Pair)

Brilliant rich tone for percussion, these mallets are made of birch, rubber and wool.
In stock - ready to ship

Innovative Percussion IP400 Soloist Hard Marimba Mallets (Pair)

Birch constructed marimba mallets.
In stock - ready to ship

Vic Firth T1 General Timpani Mallets (Pair)

Timpani mallets for all-around playing. Produces rich sound yet is capable of rhythmic clarity.
In stock - ready to ship

Vic Firth T2 Cartwheel Timpani Mallets (Pair)

Very soft. Ideal for soft rolls, legato strokes and the richest sounds.
In stock - ready to ship

Vic Firth T3 Staccato Timpani Mallets (Pair)

Medium hard for rhythmic articulation.

Vic Firth T4 Ultra Staccato Timpani Mallets (Pair)

Hard. Produces the clearest rhythmic projection of the felt models.

Vic Firth T6 Custom General Timpani Mallets (Pair)

Larger and heavier than a T1. Produces an enormous sound.

DXP DBT218 Timpani Mallet Hard Felt Head

Designed for strong articulation on timpani drums.

Mike Balter 62R Yellow Mushroom Head Marimba Mallets (Pair)

Medium hard head and birch handle.

Mike Balter 04R Light Green Rubber Mallet

Great mallet for marimba designed for response, clarity, control and sensitivity.

Mike Balter 83R Contemporary Medium Marimba Mallets

Great on the full range of the marimba. These mallets are light-weight, dual-tonal, wool yarn wound series provides improved dexterity and smooth rolling for today's accomplished marimba soloist.
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Paiste Gong Mallet M6 for use with 32/ 34/ 36 Symphonic Gong

The sound and reaction of the Gong are determined by the size, weight and the material the mallet is made of. Made from Aluminium, felt and vinyl this is a professional mallet which will allow you great control over your sound and, unlike some cheaper mallets, wont damage your gong.
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Mano Percussion EM306 6nch Triangle with Beater and Holder

6inch triangle with beater and holder. 9mm pipe. Coloured header card packaging.
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