While it may feel like there is a trend towards many household-name Australian brands heading away from our shores, Maton remain an iconic name in Australian acoustic guitars. And Mega Music have a bonzer, ripper, you-beaut collection of ‘em.

Aussie acoustic lovers – Paul Kelly, Tommy Emmanuel, Keith Urban and Neil Finn all endorse Maton Guitars. (Okay, we stole the last guy from across The Ditch - but anyway...) Maton acoustic guitars utilise both traditional and alternative tone woods and, in most models, you will find the distinctive-sounding Queensland Maple.

Try a Maton acoustic guitar at Mega Music: for Australia, or simply because they sound incredible.

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Maton Concert Ukulele

Non-pickup version - Blackwood, Bunya, Cedar

Maton EA80c The Australian Acoustic Guitar

50 years of Australian timber in the making of this current classic, The Australian by Maton.

Maton EBG808 Artist EBG Series Acoustic Guitar

Maton EBG808 Artist Small Body Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Maton EBG808c MicFix EBG Series Acoustic Guitar

The signature guitar of guitar maestro Michael Fix.

Maton EBG808TE Tommy.E Series Acoustic Guitar

Tommy Emmanuel 808 model with no cutaway and pickup system.

Maton EBG808TE/C Tommy.E Series Acoustic Guitar

Tommy Emmanuel 808 model with cutaway.