Modular & Rack Synths

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Korg MS20 Mini 37-Key Analogue Semi-Modular Synthesizer

Korg MS20 Mini 37-Key Analogue Semi-Modular Synthesizer

The classic MS-20 – recreated in mini size! An analogue synthesizer that reproduces the original circuitry from 1978
$1,099.00 $839

Moog Mother-32 Synthesizer

Unique semi-modular tabletop synthesizer.

Nord Lead 4R Performance Synthesizer (Module/Rack Vers.)

Analogue sound engine and a whole lot more - Mega Music is the place to discover the magic of a Nord Lead 4.

Nord Lead A1R Analogue Modeling Synthesizer (Module/Rack Vers.)

This is THE analogue modeled synthesizer which inspires creativity and offers pure power and workability sonically - the Nord Lead A1 at Mega Music.

Roland INTEGRA-7 SuperNATURAL Sound Module (INTEGRA7)

The new INTEGRA-7 gives you a gold mine of the latest SuperNATURAL sounds in a fast-access, fully stocked 16-part module.

Roland SYSYTEM-500 Complete Modular Synthesizer (SYSTEM500)

Complete analogue modular synth in a rack.
Save $79
Roland SE-02 Analogue Synthesizer

Roland SE-02 Analog Synthesizer (SE02)

The SE-02 is one for the analog synth purists, utilising the combined synthesizer heritage of Roland and Studio Electronics. This module offers hand-on experimentation, rich tone and deep texture.
$799.00 $720

Korg Volca Sample Digital Sample Sequencer

Capture the pristine magic of FM synthesis with this mini module synth, complete with arpeggiator.
Save $50
Roland D-05 Linear Synthesizer - top view

Roland D-05 Linear Synthesizer (D05)

PRE-ORDER NOW. Linear arithmetic synthesis for a new generation.
$599.00 $549