Established in 2001, Mega Music began with our flagship store south of the river in Myaree. This has grown to a second outlet north of the river in Wangara and, of course, reaches you right now as Mega Music Online.

Our repair network can fix or provide maintenance for a wide range of musical instruments and amplifiers.

Guitar and Stringed-Instrument Repairs

We have dedicated guitar repair departments with the experience and passion to restore, service or repair guitars, new or old. Rory and his team can do anything from a basic restring to a pro setup, supply and install parts (nuts, saddles, pickups/electronics) and do all manner of repair and modifications to electronics, acoustics (cracks, bracing, bridge re-glues) and fret work (re-frets, fret dressing, fret levelling etc).

For any questions or enquiries please contact or call (08) 9330 2777

Drum Repairs and Servicing

Our drum departments offer servicing, repair and restoration for your drum kits, snares and percussion instruments. Darren and his team will re-skin and tune your drums to produce sound you might not have thought they were capable of!

To find out what Darren and his team can do for your drums, please email them at or call them on (08) 9330 2777.