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Musical Instruments for Beginners

New to playing music? Want to take up a new musical instrument? A music teacher or adult looking for the right instrument to buy for a child with musical interest?

Mega Music is here to help.

In our starter instrument section, you will find instruments that are perfectly suited to beginners.

Check out:

Beginner Guitars,

Beginner Drums or

Beginner Keyboards and you're away!

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Vox Pathfinder 10B Bass Guitar Amplifier

The Vox Pathfinder 10B is an all analog, 10-watt solid state bass guitar amplifier. Faithfully repoducing the classic Vox look, the Pathfinder 10B has become a popular choice for many bass guitarists.

Los Cabos Up North 5A Drumsticks Mega Music Logo

Yes, it's true, Mega Music has its own branded drumsticks, the Up North 5A Drumsticks from Los Cabos.

Ashton FS100 Guitar Footstool

Footstool for playing classical guitar - important guitar student accessory.

Debbie Cracknell - "Enjoy Playing Guitar Tutor Book 1 + CD: First steps in playing classical guitar"

A great place to start your classical journey, young or old - this book and CD sets you on your musical way.
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