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Noise Suppressor Effects Pedals

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Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor Guitar Effects Pedal

Quiet please. I am playing guitar.
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MXR Smart Gate Noise Gate Pedal

Equipped with three selectable types of noise reduction-Hiss, Mid, and Full-the Smart Gate Noise Gate bites down on sizzle and hum while still allowing your playing nuances through.
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TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate Pedal

"You shall not pass!!" Noise that is. Essential noise gate guitar pedal.
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Electro Harmonix Silencer Effects Effects Pedal

A sophisticated noise gate that can tame a single pedal or an entire effects loop!
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Electro Harmonix Hum Debugger Effects Pedal

Every musician battles hum in their signal chain. The Hum Debugger turns it into dead silence, courtesy of a little EHX magic. Not a noise gate, and not a noise suppressor -- but a real hum extractor. Silence is golden.
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Behringer NR300 Noise Reducer Effects Pedal

Ultimate Noise Reduction Effects Pedal
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MXR Noise Clamp Noise Gate Guitar Effects Pedal

The Noise Clamp eliminates hiss & excess noise from your effects chain with a single threshold Trigger knob while maintaining riff definition at extreme gain levels.
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ISP Technologies Deci-Mate Micro Decimator Noise Reduction Pedal

ISP Technologies introduces the new DECI-MATE™ Micro Decimator pedal.
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