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Orange 1 Button Footswitch

Durable amplifier footswitch to suit Orange guitar amplifiers.

Orange 2 Button Footswitch

Rugged guitar amplifier footswitch Orange style.

Orange AD200B Bass Amp Head - 200 Watts

A classic powerful tube bass amp head from Orange.

Orange AD30HTC Guitar Amp Head (Black)- 30 Watts

Giving the best of 2 British style, EL84 powered amps in one, the Orange AD30 Valve head recaptures the warmth and sound that defined an era.

Orange AD30HTC Guitar Amp Head (Orange)- 30 Watts

Two British valve amps in one - one for the purists.

Orange Dark Terror Guitar Amp Head - 15 Watts

A high gain master of saturated distorition in a portable package, the Dark Terror offers aggressive drive as well as some tasty blues and clean tones