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Ormsby Guitar Care Pack

Manufacturer: Ormsby Guitars
Ormsby Guitars is proud to announce the new Complete Guitar Care Pack.
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Tested and refined each product until it meets our demands: Quality, ease of use, long lasting, and bang for your buck!

‘The Best!’ Fretboard conditioner: bubblegum scented (because, no one likes a lemon scent...), and tinted to enhance the contrast of all exposed grain fretboards (not for use on maple).

Ultra penetrating formula soaks further into your guitar's fretboard than any other product on the market, to provide extra protection against changes in humidity levels and moisture content. Simply apply until your fretboard is not longer absorbing any more, and wipe off the excess. Includes foam applicator.

‘It’s Spotless!’ Cleaner spray. Cleans, protects and enhances both gloss and satin finishes. This spray on cleaner uses a unique blend of polymeric lubricants to remove dust and dirt without harm to your guitar's finish. Includes cotton cloth.

‘Speed Wax’ Neck Coating: This is a special polymer wax usable on both satin and gloss necks for extra glide. Simply spray in you gloss or satin neck, rub into the finish, and wipe off the excess. Includes microfibre cloth.


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