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Paiste 14 Inch Signature Reflector Heavy Full Hi Hats

Manufacturer: Paiste
SKU: 0004054614
Paiste 14 inch Signature Reflector Heavy Full Hi-hats has fairly dirty, full, cutting, rich feature. Fairly wide range, complex mix. Very responsive feel. Full, barking and piercing, yet somewhat cushy open sound. Tight and rough chick sound. A very balanced hi-hat with a healthy dose of dirt and a note of darkness, featuring enhanced power for players that require a consistently strong pair of hi-hats.
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Series Description: Paiste first pioneered this featured production process with our innovative Reflector Cymbals back in the 1980’s
• Unlike modern high speed buffing methods, Paiste Reflector Cymbals employ a proprietary surface treatment technique that generates a smooth, luminous, shimmering finish - without producing high levels of heat, which can substantially alter the natural condition of the bronze metal and dampen the cymbal sound.

Since: 2004

Finish: Paiste’s Signature Reflector cymbals basically share the same overall sonic parameters, feel and function as corresponding Signature models with a regular lathed finish. The general effect of the Reflector finish on these cymbals is very subtle and may be summarized as follows:

  • The sonic timbre and color of these instruments is somewhat lower, which makes the cymbals feel a bit darker.
  • The frequency range is wider due to the lower pitch of the fundamental note and higher overtones at the upper end of the frequency spectrum.
  • The frequency mix is cooler and cleaner, as the high, middle and lower frequencies are more distinctly layered, due to the less dominant character of the middle layer - the «voice» of the cymbal.
  • The stick sound and bell character tend to be slightly more distinct and separated, while the Hi-Hat chick sound tends to be a bit softer, warmer and more compact.
  • The duration of the cymbal’s sustain is relatively similar, however the midrange frequencies fade faster.
  • The overall feel is substantially the same, except Crashes and Chinas tend to feel a bit softer and more controllable.
  • Weight, volume range, transient response and dynamic intensity are close to identical.


Sizes: 14"
Weight: Medium Top/Extra Heavy Bottom
Volume: Medium Low to Loud
Stick Sound: Rich, somewhat dirty
Intensity: Lively
Sustain: Medium
Bell Character: Lush, Tight


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