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The Mega Music Myaree storefront


95 North Lake Road
Myaree WA 6154
The Mega Music Wangara storefront


5/32 Prindiville Drive
Wangara WA 6065


Mega Music are, of course, pleased to present Peavey guitar amplifiers for your perusal and playing pleasure. Why?

Peavey have been an industry leader for decades and deliver guitar amplifiers from compact to thunderous, clean to brutal. The 6505 and 3120 Series keep well in step with contemporary metal’s aggression, with searing lead gain and five flaming fists of backside-burning DJENT crunch. Then there is the Classic Series, which deliver authentic classic blues, rock, country and Americana tone. And so much in between.

This means that there is sure to be a Peavey guitar amp to walk your kind of walk at Mega Music. What are you waiting for? Have a browse, get inspired, and come and see us and talk Peavey guitar amps.

Have any questions? Give us a call!
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