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Pedal Boards

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Boss BCB-30 Pedal Case

Boss BCB-30 Pedal Case

Pedal Train Junior with Soft Case

Compact pedalboard ready to pack up and carry.

Pedaltrain Classic 2 Guitar Effects Pedalboard with Soft Case

The new updated Pedaltrain 2 is even better for your guitar effects.

Pedaltrain Classic 2 Guitar Effects Pedalboard with Touring Case

New improved Pedaltrain 2, the classic pedal board for guitarists. Now available with an aluminium tour case.

Pedaltrain Junior with Hardcase

A compact pedalboard that is ready for the road. Or the air.

Pedaltrain Mini with Softcase

Teeny pedalboard.

T-REX ToneTrunk 45 Pedal Board

This solid guitar pedal board is 450 x 316 mm and has a soft bag to carry it all in.
$199.00 $169

CNB PC-304 Effects Pedal Road Case - Small

32x22x6cm internally - fits 3-4 standard guitar effects pedals.

CNB PC-310 Effects Pedal Road Case - Med

56x30x9.5cm internally - fits 8 standard guitar effects pedals.

CNB PC-312 Effects Pedal Road Case - Large

A very popular guitar effects pedal road case that fits a wah and around 8 pedals.
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